Playstation Classic Games

Playstation Classic Games

Date:Oct 24, 2019

According to Fox News, an 11-year-old north Carolina boy managed to secure his game console after stabbing a burglar who broke into his home with a machete.

According to the report, the boy, who was alone at home on the day of the attack, went to open the door when he heard a knock on the door and saw a woman standing outside at the same time that a male burglar broke through the window and forced the boy into the bedroom closet with an air rifle.

The boy wanted to get out of the closet, grabbed a machete and struck the thief in the head. The thief kicked the boy in the stomach, but the boy did not give up and still fought with him.Because of the boy's heroism, the bleeding head outlaws who tried to snatch a television and PlayStation game console went bankrupt and fled empty-handed.

为保护自己的PS游戏机 11岁男孩挥舞大砍刀击退歹徒

Police later found that the woman and the male thieves and a driver accomplice, the three later drove away.The man was arrested after being admitted to UNC hospital in hillsborough with head injuries.

The whole thing was very interesting. The 11-year-old boy fought off two adults with a machete.


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