Plush Toy That Looks Like Your Pet

Plush Toy That Looks Like Your Pet

Date:Oct 29, 2019

Children look forward to the holidays because they can get all kinds of presents.In the United States, toys are a big holiday seller and are almost always bought by families with children.Even with stricter censorship and higher shelf standards, there are still sellers who want to make more money.

Top selling toys of 2019

Toy lists are the earliest holiday announcements, with big retailers such as wal-mart, target and amazon typically releasing their top toy listings in August and September.Last year, wal-mart released its first toy list on Aug. 30, three days earlier than the same day a year earlier, and this year it did so even earlier.

Last week, wal-mart released its list of the hottest children's toys of 2019, with more than 40 items that have been tested and played by children.

hot toy

Eonnet has learned that this season, wal-mart will increase the exclusive supply of toys in stores and websites by 25%, as well as more than 40 new toys from children's web celebrity brand.

Toy trends for 2019

For parents who want to buy toys with different interests, wal-mart has divided them into six categories

1. Movie and TV character toys

Every time children watch a movie or TV series, they get an extra favorite character, and toys based on popular TV and movie characters are a natural favorite.

2. Surprise toys

Surprise unwrapping is always addictive, toys like surprise dolls have always been kids' favorites, and collecting the trinkets is a pleasure.

3. Interactive toys

Children like toys that they can interact with while playing, such as changing colors, talking, dancing and hugging, which stimulate their imagination and creativity.

4. Outdoor toys

This year, children are eager to play outdoors, driving, gliding, hovering and so on can let them enjoy the freedom and fun of outdoor play.

5. Ideal game

Air travel, glamping, pets, cooking -- these games allow kids to be as creative as they want.

6. Video games

Not to mention kids, adults also like to play video games in their free time, and even some guys are "torn" between games and their girlfriends. Devices that enhance the gaming experience are also popular.

"Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for parents to find the perfect toy for their children," said Anne Marie Kehoe, vice President of toys at wal-mart.

Wal-mart's toy list is not a countdown, but a list of toys ranked by annual trends.The list is not necessarily a list of the year's best-selling toys, but it does reveal some of the key preferences of children, such as surprise toys and interactive toys, that are expected to be big sellers this year.If you're a toy seller, check out this list.

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