Retailers Track Reusable Crates Via The IoT

Retailers Track Reusable Crates Via The IoT

Date:Dec 18, 2019

ec 16, 2019—Reusable packaging management company Sensize is offering an Internet of Things (IoT)-based solution that enables its customers to view the locations of thousands of crates, pallets or other reusable containers as they are deployed around the world. Supermarkets, manufacturers, logistics suppliers and other companies are using the technology to better manage the use of those containers as goods are moved to customers.

To enable a seamless IoT connection, Sensize is leveraging a connectivity solution from Arm. Arm's Pelion Connectivity Management service provides IoT global connectivity via cellular transmissions from locations around the world. It provides software that manages the transmitted data. Sensize's IoT trackers and Microsoft Azure-based software provide location data. Some companies are also employing Sensize trackers with temperature and impact sensors to not only understand items' locations, but also the conditions to which reusable containers (and, therefore, the goods loaded within them) are exposed

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