RFID Brings Precision To Dice Rolls

RFID Brings Precision To Dice Rolls

Date:Dec 20, 2019

Dec 03, 2019—Since its establishment in the 1990s, online gambling has become one of the most popular businesses on the Internet. It is legal in parts of North America, Europe and Asia, and was estimated as being a $56 billion industry in 2018. Several gaming machine companies are developing an online system that uses RFID to track the exact orientation of dice after they are thrown for Internet-based bets, thereby enabling online gamers to know, with certainty, what was thrown and thus whether or not they won.

The firms' online gaming solution, provided by EPC Solutions Taiwan, consist of a UHF RFID reader in an automated dice-throwing machine, as well as tags built into the dice. With the use of RFID, its automated system can identify each dice throw, based on which of six tags in each die is read and, therefore, the result of the throw. The data is then displayed online so that the casino or gaming company, as well as gamers, can view the results in real time. The product, known as Sicbo, has been in use for three years, and the company says that with RFID it has been providing more accurate gambling results than other automated systems.

There is an inherent risk for players of online games since, unlike with casino slot machines or table games, the online gambling process takes place remotely, so players cannot physically confirm the dice that are being thrown. Traditionally, companies have used human dealers and a webcam so that gamblers can see the dice as they are thrown. Gamblers place their bets online, with a dealer rolling the dice and then recording the results. Recently, casinos and gambling companies have moved to the use of machines. After players place their bets, adealer simply pushes a start button. The machine then rolls the dice and a camera mounted above the machine scans the points. The software calculates and displays the results for each gambler and identifies those who won.

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