Rfid Tags Technology

Rfid Tags Technology

Date:Oct 23, 2019

588 sanitation trucks, 1,043 public toilets, 41.45 million square meters of roads, 25,665 cleaning personnel...In the face of such a huge management object, in the face of increasingly sophisticated management requirements, how to achieve "clear" and "know", has become a new era sanitation managers must answer.

In may this year, after three years of exploration and research, wenzhou environmental health management office successfully used big data, Internet of things and other scientific and technological means to build an integrated management and control platform for intelligent sanitation in wenzhou.At present, the platform has opened all kinds of remote management ports of sanitation operations, marking that wenzhou sanitation management has entered a new era of intelligentization.

Urban public toilets distribution WeChat can be checked

According to the public toilet management system, the data of nearly 1 week for the public toilet in caoxian lane of the city: 13900 person-times of people flow, 4 times of water alarm, 3 times of electricity alarm and 0 times of odor alarm.Although the public toilet flow is large, but due to the cleaning in place, no odor alarm.At present, there are 1043 public toilets in the city.In order to strengthen the daily health management, a new intelligent public toilet management subsystem is developed. Through the installation of monitoring, alarm and other equipment, real-time statistics of the public toilet flow, water and electricity use, odor index and so on, once the index exceeds the established standard, the platform will send an alarm to remind.

"Wenzhou wisdom public toilet" WeChat small program synchronous on-line, convenient citizens nearby to go to the toilet.Open the WeChat small program, select "administrative division", will appear in the urban public toilets distribution map.According to the user's location, it can automatically navigate and find public toilets within a range of 5 kilometers nearby. It can also automatically search nearby bus stations, parking lots and other convenient facilities.In the near future, the municipal environmental health management office will also improve the urban public toilets with each district "one toilet first file", timely update the public toilet database.Members of the public can also upload comments, comments and Suggestions from "service management, hardware facilities, sanitary conditions" after using the toilet.At present, "wenzhou smart public toilet" WeChat small program total visits have reached more than 6,000 times.

Road cleaning quality real-time view

Did the truck sweep the road?Does the garbage truck follow the established route?These questions, in the car video, GPS path and other devices to help easily solve.The management personnel can check the vehicle's real-time cleaning track, operation frequency and operation quality in the first time.

At the same time, by virtue of the newly developed "wenzhou handhold sanitation" APP, on-site assessment personnel realized real-time uploading and statistics of assessment data and monthly assessment and analysis, which not only greatly reduced the assessment and summary time, but also objectively analyzed the road cleaning quality and significantly improved the urban road cleanliness.

Food waste direct transport supervision

The most worrying problem of the public, namely, "mix of distribution, collection and transportation", has been effectively solved.New development of urban restaurant and kitchen collection and transportation management system, make full use of real-time monitoring, capturing and positioning equipment and restaurant and kitchen collection container electronic tag, the city restaurant and kitchen waste classification release, collection, transportation, treatment and other four links for the whole process tracking.At the same time, explore the extension of the system to garbage sorting, collection and transportation operations.In the past two months, the platform has distributed 500 rectification problems.

Waste separation has achieved remarkable results

It is understood that the current urban garbage classification collection at the corresponding level of town of lukewarm state city coverage reached 85.6%, 66%, various counties (city) proper urban living garbage recycling utilization hazard-free treatment rate of above 95%, 100%, the cumulative chuang cheng province (city) level demonstration area more than 100, make garbage sorting transportation line 235, the city of eat hutch garbage classification to the direct shipment.

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