The Best Video Gaming Consoles

The Best Video Gaming Consoles

Date:Dec 17, 2019

As we draw closer to the next (and possibly last) generation of gaming systems, the opportune time to grab one from this current era is finally here. With incredible libraries of games that continue to grow and prices that are the most affordable they’ve ever been, you’ll want to pick up one of these consoles soon to really make it worth your money.

After years spent playing each individual system and carefully weighing the pros and cons of each, we’ve decided that the PlayStation 4 Pro is the best gaming console of 2019. While the Xbox One X might hold the torch when it comes to hardware, the PS4 Pro offers similar capabilities and the most high-fidelity games, including an incredible number of exclusives.

Of course, preferences will vary and the war between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will carry on, but to make your decision easier, we’ve detailed all the reasons you should pick one of the consoles listed below.

PlayStation 4 Pro

The best gaming console


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