To What Extent Does The Carbon Bike Parts Need To Be Replaced?

To What Extent Does The Carbon Bike Parts Need To Be Replaced?

Date:Aug 12, 2019

Carbon bike parts are a general term for all parts and accessories for bicycles.Among the 25 Carbon bike parts, such as bicycle frames, tires, pedals, brakes, and chains, the basic components are indispensable. Among them, the frame is the skeleton of the bicycle, and it bears the greatest weight of people and goods.

Our bicycles also have their lives. When there is a problem with Carbon bike parts, it needs to be changed.In addition to the inner tube, most of the riding Carbon bike parts have a service life, such as the chain, chain, brake pads, tires, wire, cycling, helmets, etc., the length of life is different, the following situation occurs, it is recommended to replace!Let's introduce a few of them, but not all.

1.Carbon bike parts about tires.

A. Look at the top of the tire with the naked eye if it has a flat shape.

B. The tire wear indication has disappeared.

C. The sidewall has cracked and the chance of a puncture has increased.

2.About the brake pads in Carbon bike parts

A: Use a simple gauge to check the elongation of the chain. The chain gauge generally has two steps of 0.75 and 1.0. The card does not enter 0.75, no need to change; the card enters 0.75 card does not enter 1.0, only replace the chain; can enter the 1.0 to the chain flywheel to change together, otherwise the new chain with the old flywheel may jump teeth, especially heavy stepping is particularly obvious.

B: Electronic gauges can also be used. If the stretch rate reaches 0.8mm, replace it!

3.Wheel bike brake surface in Carbon bike parts

A. With a finger touch, the surface has obvious depressions.

B. After cleaning the surface, the color gloss is still dark.

The wear line on the surface of the C.Carbon bike parts has disappeared.

For bicycle lovers, this knowledge is common sense, and ordinary friends should know.

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