Uav +RFID Landing Breaking The Convention Of Warehouse Management

Uav +RFID Landing Breaking The Convention Of Warehouse Management

Date:Dec 31, 2019

Pyka, an American drone company, recently raised $11m in seed funding, drawing attention from the industry.It is understood that Pyka mainly produces unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) for spraying crops. Through intelligent space technology, the small autonomous aircraft can spray chemical agents, so as to combine autonomous aircraft with agricultural chemical applications to help improve the efficiency of agricultural activities.

The full name of uav is "unmanned aircraft". It is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-programmed control device. It involves sensor technology, communication technology, information processing technology, intelligent control technology and aviation power propulsion technology.Also known to many as black technology products.

Due to its small size and flexibility, as well as the continuous breakthroughs in key technologies such as wireless charging, visual obstacle avoidance, gesture control, 5G communication and integrated chip, the performance of uav has been greatly improved. Carrying, easy to operate, long endurance and autonomous response will become the main features of uav, making it popular with users.

Uav was first used in the military field. With the development of uav, it is now widely used in the daily production and life of enterprises and consumers, such as aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, express transportation, disaster relief, line maintenance, traffic dredging and other fields.

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