Use Of Inflatable Pool Suction Pump

Use Of Inflatable Pool Suction Pump

Date:Jul 29, 2019

Use of Inflatable pool suction pump

1. Inflatable pool water pump preparation

(1) Push the suction pump to the Inflatable pool site, taking care not to rub the vacuum tube against the ground;

(2) Place the vacuum tube and vacuum cleaner on the side of the pool.

2. The operation of the Inflatable pool device

(1) Fill the vacuum tube with water with a water pipe;

(2) Turn on the power switch, the water pump starts to run, and after seeing that the drain pipe has normal water discharge, connect the vacuum tube to the vacuum cleaner and put it into the bottom of the pool;

(3) Operate the suction rod to keep the dust suction action. Do not float the water surface, so as not to cause the air to enter the tube and not absorb the water.

3. Fault check

(1) If the leaves and debris are too much to block the nozzle, the power should be turned off, the filter cover should be opened, and the filter basket inside should be cleaned up;

(2) The vacuum tube is leaking at the mouth of the vacuum tube or the vacuum tube is cracked, and the sealing tape is used to fill the leak.

4. Check after use

(1) Turn off the power and wrap the wires well;

(2) Pull the vacuum tube out of the vacuum cleaner and wrap it, taking care not to mop the ground;

(3) Push the vacuum pump back to the specified position and cover it with a tarpaulin, and put the board back to its original position.

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