Water Play Equipment Basic Knowledge Of Water Treatment And Water Purification Technology

Water Play Equipment Basic Knowledge Of Water Treatment And Water Purification Technology

Date:Aug 28, 2019

Generally used in Water Play Equipment are natural water resources. The impurities contained in the water source can be classified into suspended matter, colloidal matter and dissolved matter according to their particle size and existing form. Water Play Equipment impurities in water can be divided into three categories: inorganic, organic and microbiological.

The main feature of suspended matter in Water Play Equipment is that it is suspended in moving water, and the state in still water is light up and heavy. The inorganic suspended matter in the surface water is mainly sediment, large-grained clay or mineral waste, etc. These impurities have a large specific gravity and are easy to sink. In Water Play Equipment, organic suspensions are large, such as water plants, small, such as the reproduction and death of some plankton, and organic matter from sewage. Larger suspended particles such as aquatic plants are easily removed, while smaller particles are difficult to remove.

Colloidal impurities in natural water are divided into two categories: inorganic colloids and organic colloids. Colloidal impurities are characterized by relative stability in water and do not naturally precipitate when left to stand. The dissolved substances in natural water are mainly oxygen and carbon dioxide which are present in the molecular state in water. The presence of ionic ions in water is essentially the result of the dissolution of inorganic salts in water, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, carbonate, sulfate, chloride, and the like. Dissolved impurities cannot be removed by any mechanical or coagulation method, and Water Play Equipment is stably and evenly dispersed in water. Because the water quality of natural water sources and users' water quality requirements have different levels of contradictions and gaps, the Water Play Equipment water treatment equipment must be done by improving the water purification technology of the predecessors and using feasible scientific water treatment methods. Turn natural water, which contains a variety of impurities, into clean and harmless Water Play Equipment water.

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