What Is The Role Of The Game Machine System?

What Is The Role Of The Game Machine System?

Date:Aug 03, 2019

Game machine is a development tool that replaces the microcontroller chip for hardware and software debugging during the electronic product development stage. With the integrated development environment, the Game machine can be used to perform single-step tracking and debugging of the MCU program. It can also use debugging methods such as breakpoints and full speed, and can observe real-time data of various variables, RAM and registers, and track the execution of the program. At the same time, the hardware circuit can be debugged in real time.

With the Game machine, you can quickly find and eliminate logic errors in your program, greatly reducing the cycle of microcontroller development. In the field, only the single-chip microcomputer is repeatedly programmed by the burner, and the development method by the naked eye observation greatly increases the difficulty of debugging, prolongs the entire development cycle, and it is not easy to find many hidden errors in the Game machine program, especially for the single chip microcomputer. It is more difficult for beginners with less development experience, which shows that the Game machine system plays an important role.

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