You've Heard A Lot About RFID Tags On Tires

You've Heard A Lot About RFID Tags On Tires

Date:Dec 20, 2019

Topolitica and PragmatIC will participate in the second phase of the UK government's GovTeh initiative to track and manage moving waste during recycling or disposal and apply RFID tags to hundreds of thousands of tyres.

Topolytics, a digital waste analysis company, offers its own software to manage a variety of projects, including tire disposal or recycling.The tagged tires will be read through a PragmatIC reader using PragmatIC's HF RFID ConnectIC flexible chip.Waste management software captures data about each tire collected for recycling or reuse through RFID chips and handheld readers.

Alastair Hanlon, PragmatIC's commercial director, said the deployment, which will be effective for 12 months in November 2019, has been implemented in a smaller initial phase since the beginning of the year.


PragmatIC ConnectIC's RFID chip family includes two HF RFID products for paper and plastic.These products use single-layer antenna designs for niche markets such as food and beverage, personal and home care, supply chain management, and commodity certification.

GovTeh is a government-funded project to use cutting-edge technology to tackle public sector problems.The project is managed by the ministry of environment, food and rural affairs.It focuses on how to better track waste items to ensure that the supply chain remains visible and efficient, avoiding losses.

GovTeh's first phase runs from November 2018 to March 2019, with five technology companies competing for funding in the second phase.One of them, Topolytics, provided their software, as well as data from waste management companies, local authorities and several other companies with which they have worked to dispose of hazardous or other industrial waste.

The collected data can visualize different ways of tracking garbage and supply chain patterns.Michael Groves, CEO and founder of Topolytics, said: "we use a data point of view to understand how waste is currently managed."

Nowadays, old tires and other trash are usually just tracked on paper.This can be a cumbersome and complex process, with a lot of waste.In the UK, 60 million old tyres are discarded every year.

When a car retailer changes a tire on a customer's vehicle, the customer will pay for the tire disposal.Waste management companies then collect the tires and ship them to warehouses, where retailers pay for recycling.Waste management companies shred, recycled, reused or discarded old tires.

A paper-based record of the location of the tire collection and the receipt of the tire at the warehouse makes it difficult to track the specific tire provider and condition of the tire.Topolytics, a start-up based in Edinburgh, Scotland, offers its WasteMap system, which shows the location and route of waste in the supply chain as it flows to recycling or elsewhere, and includes analysis and reporting based on this data.

In this case, the chip is integrated into a sticky sticker attached to the side wall of the tire.With our chips, we can reduce the cost of deploying RFID.Because these chips are not silicon, they are cheaper to make."PragmatIC also designs and manufactures a portable RFID reader.

The PragmatIC project involves tracking tyre reception in a warehouse near Oxford.Mark hundreds of tires in the garage and use a handheld reader to read each tire's label when it is received.And read the label information again during classification processing (such as shredding or reuse).

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